Tools for Race Coordinators


On this page you will find links to all the forms you will need to have on hand for your race participants and to report your race results to ESSRA so your athletes' participation in your ESG qualifier will be recorded properly

Once your event is over you will need to submit your results to Jim Tucker so that he can compile the statewide standings and determine the qualified athletes for this year's ESG Winter Games. To facilitate this process you must send in your results using the ESG Qualifier Results Template that can be downloaded here

Note: you will need to have MS Excel to use this template

To be eligible to compete in the Empire State Winter Games an athlete must be a member of ESSRA.  This will speed up the sign-in process on ESG race day encourage your athletes to join before they go. Click here to Download the ESSRA Membership form
If you are running a 5k Qualifier your eligible athletes MUST mail in or fax the form below so that it is received at the ESG Office in Albany before 5 PM on February 12th. Athletes will not be eligible to participate in the ESG 5km Snowshoe Championships on Sunday February 24th, if their Pre-Registration Form is not received at the ESG Offices prior to this deadline. There will be no exceptions!
Help your athletes out and have some of the correct forms on hand at your race. Download an Entry Form for the 5k event

Here is a link to the Sprint/1500m pre-registration form
We've included it here in case you want to print some out and hand them to your race participants. Please note that only those racers that appear on the qualified roster for the finals in Lake Placid need to submit this form.  The roster of qualified racers will be posted on the ESG website by February 15.  Racers should visit the Games website to see if they are on the roster.  Also, racers should visit the “Have You Qualified for the Games?” web page to obtain information on how to submit their registration form once they have qualified.